dynamiCROP :: plant uptake model for dynamic assessment of human exposure from pesticide residues in food crops

dynamiCROP Background

arrow   Human intake of pesticide residues via ingestion of processed food is important for evaluating current agricultural practice. Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) has been used as a tool to characterize potential toxic impacts attributable to pesticide use. Human health impacts of pesticides, however, are still poorly represented in existing approaches, since only effects from diffuse emissions are considered as result from human activities.
While in the case of diffuse emissions environmental media are the emission target compartments, in case of direct application it is the cultivated crop that is finally consumed. In the latter case, steady-state conditions are usually not reached and a dynamic assessment is required. To address these issues, we developed dynamiCROP, a new dynamic assessment model for human health impacts due to uptake of pesticides into multiple crop types based on a transparent matrix algebra framework.
Impact Pathway Approach